• March 2018 - Our commitment to #LetsgoFrance Open or Close
    Our company project AMBITION 2020 is including our implications for quality, environment and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). We defined our major issues as our territory development, innovation and to optimize the local knowledges.
    #LetsgoFrance was created in 2016 to promote and gather all the actors of the French economy. It seems obvious for us to commit by their side to promote our national talents.
    We are standing up for the French competitivity and its spirit of innovation.
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    Please, discover our CSR implication in our company project AMBITION 2020.
  • February 2018 - Renewal of our commitment with ENVOL Open or Close
    Article envol
    It’s already been 2 years that we certified our voluntary commitment with ENVOL. We are keeping moving ahead in this direction with pride and determination. Our last renewal audit confirmed that Megatron is a company always more responsible.
    In our voluntary sustainable development policy, we are doing a day-to-day environmental watch on the regulations applying to our work.

    Our company is always evolving and you will find below some of the actions we already led:

    • Improvement of our products and packaging’s recyclability, with for example a new packaging system entirely recyclable
    • Equipement of a technical management for the building. This system allowed us to reduce by 15 % our electrical consumption and to automatically calculate our environmental basic indicators (consumption of water/electricity/gas)
    • Implementation of our new electronic document management’s system
    • Reduction of the machining chips directly at the source. By the way, we have been rewarded last year for this technology during the 6th Eco-responsible meeting, organized by the TEAM-Mont-Blanc
    • Substitution of the acetone in our manufacturing processes
    • Etc...

    All companies with less than 50 employees can join ENVOL’s label to commit with the environment. We sincerely hope that more and more companies will follow this approach.

    The ENVOL values are perfectly matching ours and we have a lot of plans to preserve our beautiful region.

    You can find more information about ENVOL on

  • January 2018 - Our best wiches Open or Close
    All the team members of MEGATRON wishes you all the best for this New Year. We wish you all the success in your projects to come and hope to accompagn you in their development.

    Happy New Year 2018

  • November 2017 - 6th Eco-Responsible meeting Open or Close
    Trophee eco

    Always strongly involved in an environmental approach, we participated in the 6th eco-responsible meeting taking place in Passy (Haute-Savoie/France) on November 16th of this year.

    Rewarded for one of our actions, we are very happy to have obtained the price of the Jury - category "Eco - Design"

    See pictures of the event in "Read more section"

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  • September 2017 - Enova Open or Close


    Logo EnovaParis complet

    Megatron is attending the ENOVA PARIS tradeshow from 19 to 21 september !

    Focal platform for technologies applied to electronics, measurement, vision and optics, ENOVA brings together industry and research professional’s actors of all sectors that now have to integrate intelligence and connectivity into their products and services: aeronautics and military but also automotive, transportation, agricultural, agribusiness, smart cities, medical, industry 4.0…

    Megatron's new absolute multiturn encoder will be presented during the show, as well as other innovations.

    More informations on:

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  • August 2016 - Holidays Open or Close

    Due to the annual closure, MEGATRON will be closed from saturday, July 30th to sunday, August 21st 2016.

    MEGATRON team will come back well-rested and fully ready to help you.

  • June 2016 - New website creation Open or Close
    Site Sensofoil

    MEGATRON published online a website dedicated to Sensofoil® :


    A new product range is now available.

  • August 2015 - Summer holidays Open or Close

    Due to the summer holidays, Megatron will be closed from Saturday, August 1 to Sunday, August 23, 2015.

    We return fresh and ready to serve you.

  • July 2015 - Megatron comes out with a new website ! Open or Close
      After using the HTML language since their first website, Megatron comes out with a new website based on the CMS architecture.
  • June 2014 - Occupational health and safety training Open or Close

    The entire MEGATRON staff has recently completed the OHS (Occupational health and safety) training.

    This training, conducted by the company Ascentiel, reaffirms the commitment of the company to reduce and prevent workplace hazards.



  • April 2014 - Hannover Messe & Sensor + test Showrooms Open or Close

    The 2014 editions of german showrooms Hannover Messe & Sensor + Test, which participated MEGATRON, were a great succes!

    We have presented new MEGATRON products, included our new printer interface: Manybus!

    We thank those present and hope to see you soon!

  • January 2014 - New prospectus Open or Close

    For the 2014 new years, Megatron comes out with new PDF prospectus for components and printers.

    A new design for a fresh impetus !

    2014 prospectus




  • 2012 - Synthesizer RAZMASYNTH with our linear sensofoil SFW22 Open or Close

    Our sensofoils potentiometers can be integrated into many various applications from medical field to automotive.

    Musicians also appreciate very much this product. As an exemple of use, we thank M. Bender who shows us his synthesizer RAZMASYNTH with linear sensofoil SFW22.

    More information about M. Bender' synthesizer and project directly on his website :

  • 2010 - 50 years of Megatron ! Open or Close


    MEGATRON Elektronik AG celebrates its 50th anniversary!

    Peter and Gerda Vizenetz created the Company MEGATRON and launched on the position sensor market.

    MEGATRON is still owned by the Vizenetz family whose 3rd generation joined the group.

    After five decades of growth, the group employs 110 people and has 10 companies in the world and MEGATRON FRANCE since 1982.